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Gain a deeper understanding of your market environment and customers with our market research services. Across Australia and the greater Asian region, enhance your business decisions with in depth research and analayis. Our services now include both traditional market research services including surveys and focus groups and now includes a wide range of digital research tools including social media monitoring to track and monitor customer sentiments.

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Market research services

Across the Asia Pacific region we provide a comprehensive range of market research and industry analysis services. Across diverse industry types and business segments we deliver the data and analysis to help provide the tools to allow you to make informed business decisions.

For exporters looking to enter and grow in new markets we can provide a suite of research from the industrial and political landscape, customer insights as well as product review and focus group research. We also provide ongoing brand monitoring and customer sentiment using physical and digital tools.

From Sydney to Shanghai, Taipei to Tokyo and beyond, we develop market research engagements to deliver the information you need. Our research services now include real time monitoring of social media including Chinese networks to allow you to take advantage or react to shifting customer moods.

Industry and Competitor Research

Give your business the advantage with a deeper insight into the political and regulatory environment as well as the competitive landscape in the markets you operate in throughout the world.

Product Testing

Using a range of tools we can conduct product testing to gauge the effectiveness to packaging, price, taste and promotional material giving you insights before launching in new products in new markets.

Surveys and Consumer Reviews

Monitor your customers’ opinions using physical and digital research tools to respond to shifting sentiments and direct product development, customer service and marketing activities for maximum effectiveness.

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