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Trade shows in China remain an effective means to take your products to Chinese and international customers. Trade shows present the opportunity to reach both buyers and distributors active in your industry. A well developed and managed trade show can provide you with promising new leads and sales to new and existing customers. For first time exhibitors and seasoned presenters, we have the full range of trade show design and management to deliver the trade display you need.

From identifying the best trade show options for your brand to providing promotions staff and interpreters for your display, we work with you to create the trade presence to maximise your return on investment.

For time stretched exhibitors we offer a turnkey service the includes exhibition registration, display design and construction as well as design, translation and printing of your sales collateral for the exhibition. We can also design and implement lead generation strategies to boost the opportunities to arise from your trade presence.

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Trade Show Management in China

Tower Brands provides trade show management and services to Chinese and International brands planning to exhibit at Chinese trade shows and exhibitions.

Each year there are hundreds of trade shows held across greater China. An increasing number of these exhibitions are the largest of their industry in the world. With thousands of exhibitors at most of these events, a professional trade display is an key element to a successful show.

Our trade show organisers can help manage your trade show requirements in China.

Display Design

Our experienced trade display designers can create a trade display that will stand out from the crowd and maximise the use of what is often limited space. We can also organise the construction, furniture and display decorations.

Promotions Staff

We can provide bilingual staff to assist at your trade display. Staff can provide the role of host, promotions or model. Additionally, a native speaker can provide substantial assistance to your non Chinese speaking staff at the exhibition.

Sales Materials

Professionally prepared and printed sales material and promotional giveaways will help differentiate your brand, and provide your sales staff with tools that will improve sales prospects. We can provide English and Chinese sales materials.

Trade Show Services Across Asia

The key to a successful trade show lies in the preparation and planning. There are myriad elements that are required for the trade display, including the construction of the display, delivery of furniture and sales material. Additionally, there are a submission deadlines imposed by the exhibition organiser. Planning is at the heart of what we do.

Working with you, we will create a plan that will help to maximise the exposure of your trade show appearance and how best to create a presence to attract your key audience and engage with them in a positive way.

Compelling sales material that is professionally designed, including material that is made available in Chinese makes the role of your sales staff a simpler task. We can design, print and deliver a wide range of assets for your trade display such as:

  • Signage
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Wall panels
  • Promotional gifts

Creating a compelling trade display is an important element of a successful trade show exercise. Our experienced display designers work with you to understand your brand, products and audience to create an attractive display that is both appealing to your visitors and practical and comfortable for your sales staff.

We can also source materials, furniture and equipment for hire or purchase that will be needed for your trade display.

We have a range of service offerings for event staff including translators and interpreters, models and promotions staff to assist your sales staff during the course of the show.

Promotions staff can help to attract visitors to your booth and engage with trade show visitors passing your booth, as well as welcoming your customers as they arrive at your display.

Our professional interpreters can assist in communicating with potential clients to allow your sales staff to convey the information they need.

Our team can provide on the ground support during the construction of the stand to ensure that works are carried out to the standards specified.

We can also be onsite to take delivery of furniture, printing and other material for the show leaving your staff to simply fly in and fly out.

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Our Chinese trade show management services

Across the greater China region and around the world we provide trade show design and management services. Our experienced team deliver an end-to-end service to streamline your trade show presence.

From registration to exhibition sponsorship opportunities, raw space or booth design, marketing material production and event staffing, we coordinate every aspect of your trade show.

Working with you, we create a plan that will maximise the exposure of your trade show appearance and how best to create a presence to attract your key audience and engage with them in a positive way.

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