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Maximising your website traffic is at the heart of many digital and ecommerce strategies. Every website visitor is important, and then converting that visitor to a lead or sale is essential.

Our search engine optimising (SEO) and digital marketing team works to understand your business goals and then tailor a search engine optimisation strategy to help reach your ideal customer to drive organic traffic to your website.

SEO in China, given the dominance of Baidu presents you with new challenges, but also new opportunities in digital marketing and SEO. By understanding this different search landscape we can provide you with the tools to capitalise on these opportunities.

Key areas



Identify the objectives for your search engine optimisation activities and develop strategy to achieve those goals


Visitors and
search ranking

Track your website traffic and keyword ranking as part of baseline measurements and SEO plan development


Onsite and
offsite SEO

Develop onsite content and offsite authority and sources for new website traffic and brand building

The benefits of
Chinese Search Engine Optimisation

The leading Chinese search engines rank websites along similar yet fundamentally different criteria. Beyond the rankings algorithms are the different user behaviours of Chinese website visitors, not least of which is language preference.

Websites without Chinese language content are less likely to appear in search results given that they don’t contain the keywords likely to be searched for by your Chinese audience and you will be missing out on potentially large volumes of search traffic.

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About our Chinese SEO services

Chinese search engine optimsing

Improve your search engine visibility within the China market with our Chinese SEO services.

Along with other search engine marketing (SEM) including pay per click (PPC) search promotions, search engines are a strong source of high converting website traffic for websites around the world, including China.

A successful search engine campaign tailored to your business specifically for the China market will yield positive returns.

The benefits of

a full service agency

We develop the search engine optimisation strategy and implement the plan to achieve improved ranking and increased traffic.

Our Chinese digital marketing team includes a team dedicated to search engine optimsation for local and international websites. Working with other elements of your digital strategy, we implement SEO to give improved returns on your digital assets in the China market.

In addition to our Chinese search engine optimisation services, Tower Brands also has the professional translation and website development services to translate your website. develop localised content or even develop a new website for the Chinese market.

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