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Working with local and international brands across the Greater China region we have the local marketing knowledge, skills and experience to help take your brand further in this exciting market. From eCommerce to social media, brand activation to point of sale marketing, we create and implement marketing strategies and campaigns that are designed to meet your brand goals and business objectives.

Accelerate your growth in China with Tower Brands. From initial market research and trade shows to eCommerce development, social media campaigns and brand activation events, we work with you every step of the way of you launch and expand your Chinese market. Across a wide range of industries including industrial, lifestyle, food and beverage and education, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide the strategy and campaign you need.

We take your brand further by utilising a wide range of marketing tools to maximise your marketing budget and the impact of your marketing campaigns across China and throughout the region. Our full service offering gives you access to the branding and marketing resources to deliver results.

Our Chinese marketing services

Your full service Chinese marketing partner

Connect with your Chinese market through effective marketing in China can provide enormous opportunities to grow your brand awareness, boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Whether you’re an international or local company, marketing in China to increase your company’s reach in the Middle Kingdom is a key piece of any Asian focused business plan.

Tower Brands have the people and the experience to create and deliver your China marketing strategy from website to point of sales promotions, social media to venue promotions.

With on the ground staff in China we can take your business further.

Tower Brands are experienced in marketing throughout Greater China as well as outbound marketing from China. We have the in house resources to deliver results including a dedicated China team to plan and implement brand strategies and marketing campaigns to expand your international markets.

By providing local and international marketing services we can service your complete marketing and branding requirements in China, across Asia and around the world.

Our Shanghai marketing team, supported with our Chinese marketing team in Sydney have the full marketing and branding skills to deliver results.

Chinese branding

Create localised branding strategies and campaigns to increase your returns on marketing investment in China. Utilise our Chinese marketing knowledge and skills to drive sales and deliver results.

Building your brand across China

Market Research

Determine your position and customer perception, as well as product and brand appeal with our Chinese market research services.

Chinese Market Entry Strategy

We can create a comprehensive strategy to expand your reach in the China Market and maximise your return on investment.

Chinese Branding

We can prepare your brand for China including naming, logo and market position and craft a tailored, localised brand strategy.

Trade Show Management

Showcase your products to potential buyers at trade shows across China. Create an impact with a professionally organised presence.

Chinese Promotion

Utilise a wide range of promotions and advertising channels including point of sale and brand activation to deliver cost effective results and drive sales.

Public Relations

Exclusive events, conventional and online press coverage, endorsement arrangements and strategic marketing communications.

Digital Marketing in China

Connecting Online

China is now home to the world’s largest number of internet users and is the second largest mobile/cell phone market on the planet. Connecting with these customers is increasingly important in any China marketing strategy.

Our experienced digital experts can plan and execute an effective digital strategy including Chinese language websites, social media, ecommerce development and search engine optimising.

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Chinese Social Media

The leading Western social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are restricted in mainland China, and Google is restricted in much the same way. It is an entirely different internet landscape.

Our team can help keep your business relevant and your audience engaged in the rapidly changing social media space.

We can also manage your digital assets on your behalf to assist in your Chinese marketing activities.

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SEO in China

With the restriction of Google in China, the search world is far different than in most other countries. Baidu is China’s largest search engine, and English is not the language most users search in.

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Different online shopping preferences and consumer expectations means that businesses in the ecommerce world in China require a different strategy. We have the tools and the expertise to implement a China focussed ecommerce plan.

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Our dedicated China focused team has the knowledge to craft marketing China focused marketing strategies and the resources needed to make those plans a reality.

Offering a complete range of branding and marketing services, you can rest assured knowing your China plans can be designed, developed and implemented.

A full service offering means you receive the strategies and services that give you the most efficient results and the best return for your business.

From digital marketing to trade show management, translation to graphics, our in house teams provide consistency and efficiency for your brand and marketing budgets.

Our growing presence in China allows us to provide you with the marketing, branding and promotional services needed to advance your Chinese business objectives.

With a reach across Asia-Pacific, we can create and implement marketing and branding strategies that compliment your Asian and global marketing activities.

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