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Chinese Tourism & Hospitality Marketing

Inbound and internal tourism numbers and spending in China are on the rise, as is outbound tourism. As the spending power of Chinese residents increases these numbers will continue to grow. China is now the world’s fastest growing travel market. Yet as growth continues, so does competition.

With our dedicated Chinese marketing team, we take an holistic approach to tourism and hospitality sectors acknowledging that the product and service is just as important as promotion.

Just as tourism is a growing market, lifestyle and hospitality services are an increasingly popular way for people to spend their leisure time. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are experiencing a surge in business as well as customer demands for high quality service.

Our team has extensive experience working with and working in the Chinese tourism and hospitality industries and have comprehensive knowledge of the power of marketing to increase business growth and customer loyalty.

We work to maximise your return on your marketing investment.

Working with a wide variety of brands in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as events and entertainment, Tower Brands has the experience to plan and implement a Chinese focused marketing campaign. We work with both Chinese brands as well as international brands who include China in their marketing strategies.

When working with tourism and hospitality brands, we look at how various elements such as price and customer experience as well as the product itself may be adjusted to maximise your China strategy. We can assist in each stage of your China plan from product development and pricing strategy, branding, marketing and the implementation of that plan.

Tower Brands has a full service offering including social media, website development, advertising, graphic design and public relations. We work to create a consistent and cohesive message for your brand in the market place.