Luxury Marketing in China

Marketing to the Chinese luxury market

Tower Brands, your full service marketing partner in China.

Growing in New Markets

As the economy of China continues to grow and disposable incomes rise, China’s luxury market is going from strength to strength in most areas including tourism, food and beverage, clothing and lifestyle products.

Purchases of luxury items continues to rise in China and other Asian markets. China presents itself as a great opportunity for luxury brands, both international and domestic. Chinese consumers however have different purchasing preferences and product tastes.

Tower Brands can work with you to create a specific China strategy focusing on every facet of your brand and products.

Our full range of marketing services includes market research, branding, packaging, communications and public relations. We also provide complete digital services. including websites, Chinese social media, search engine optimising and eCommerce.

Tower Brands works with a diverse range of clients including Chinese and foreign companies across a variety of industries such as lifestyle and food to develop their brands domestically and internationally.