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With a dedicated Chinese digital marketing team as part of our full service marketing team focused on growing brands and sales in China, we give you the resources and skills to fully utilise the power of digital marketing, social media and ecommerce to deliver results to your business in the China market. As part of a broader China marketing strategy our digital services provide a greater return on your Chinese marketing investment.

We have extensive experience in working with Chinese digital marketing channels including social media such as WeChat and Weibo, eCommerce platforms like Tmall and as well as Chinese search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and digital communications. Providing a full range of services allows us to provide you with a consistent message across the various platforms all designed to deliver on your objectives.

Going beyond the digital landscape, our approach to digital marketing is to deliver brand and sales results. By incorporating a digital marketing campaign into your overall marketing strategy we can improve the returns on both investments in your Chinese market.

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Digital Services

Our full range of digital marketing services includes website, social, search and ecommerce services. Our experienced digital marketing team in Shanghai and Sydney can create the creative web marketing assets that you need to make an impact online in China. Digital services now includes China conversion rate optimisation services.

Chinese eCommerce

Chinese eCommerce

We can create eCommerce sites for your business on the most popular platforms

Chinese Social Media

Social Media

We can establish, maintain and monitor your social media assets

Chinese Search Engine Optimising

SEO in China

Being found in the worlds largest internet community is the key to success

Chinese eCommerce

Website Development

Our experienced developers can create a professional web pressence

China now has a larger online population than the physical population of the United States and is continuing its rapid increase. Singles’ Day online transactions surpassed 57 billion yuan ($9.3 billion U.S.) in 2014.


China’s digital landscape is vastly different from other online environments. Reaching this unique market requires a different approach than traditional western markets.

The Tower Brands digital team now includes a dedicated team of China digital specialists to plan and implement the optimum China digital strategy including website developers, social media mangers and search engine optimisers. We have the knowledge, skills and resources to manage your digital strategy in China with both a Sydney and Shanghai digital marketing team.

We work with a wide range of brands including business to business and consumer brands across a wide range of industries.

Website Development – A Chinese language or multilingual website is an important element of reaching Chinese customers. We can design and develop a website to suit cultural tastes and preferences that will reach your target audience. Read more >

Social Media – Of growing importance, particularly for brands that sell consumer products is social media and Chinese eCommerce. Our social media experts can set up and manage your Chinese social media accounts on your behalf to ensure your brand has an effective presence. Read more >

eCommerce – Chinese customers have different online preferences from typical Western online shoppers. Customers prefer to buy from platforms such as TMall rather than directly from a company’s own website. We can setup and manage your Chinese eCommerce platforms. Read more >

Search Engine Optimising – Baidu is China’s largest search engine and indexes and delivers search results in a vastly different way than other popular search engines. We have extensive experience developing Chinese websites as well as managing pay per click advertising. Read more >

Digital Marketing Agency Shanghai

Plan and execute an effective digital strategy including Chinese language websites, ecommerce development, social media and search engine marketing.

Whether B2B or B2C, a clear and consistent digital marketing strategy will greatly boost returns on your investment.

We work to design an online plan and digital tools that compliment and enhances your other digital and offline marketing efforts to give you a greater return on investment across all channels.

As part of Tower Brand’s global reach, our digital marketing team has the resources of our full service agency available to plan and implement your Chinese marketing and branding strategy.

Being a full service agency gives you access to our other marketing, branding and promotional services both within China and internationally. Tower Brands is your domestic and global marketing partner.

Create a stronger online presence with our complete digital marketing services.

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