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In the exciting retail space of China an effective point of sales marketing and promotions campaign can be a key driver of sales as well as a strong factor in increasing your product and brand appeal with retail purchasing managers. In a competitive landscape, a well developed and deployed POS campaign can deliver raised brand awareness as well as boost purchase intent in customers and ultimately lift retail sales figures.

We work with you and your retail channel to design and implement point of sale marketing campaigns. Including customised packaging, competitions, custom shelf displays and in store sampling, as well as out-of-the-box marketing opportunities, our Chinese POS knowledge experience gives you an advantage in your retail locations.

Our team ensures that your point of sale promotions are implemented to the highest standards and work along side your retail partners to create an outcome of higher sales and elevated brand awareness across your retail outlets.

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Point of sale marketing agency in China.

Chinese Promotions and Point of Sale Marketing

POS and in store promotions are an effective way of delivering stronger sales through your retail channels in China. Through supermarkets, convenient stores, department stores and specialists outlets, point of sale promotions provide strong returns on your marketing budget.

Our experienced China retail marketing specialists can create strong POS campaigns for your brand and products in China and across the wider Asian market.

From custom product displays to in-store brand activation and promotions staffing, we have the skills, resources and experience needed to provide you with the retail promotional programme to drive sales and boost revenue.

Our Difference

Across greater China from the tier one cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and more to the smaller cities and towns we can design, implement and monitor your POS campaigns to give you strong marketing returns.

Utilise our experiences, skills and knowledge of retail marketing in China to your advantage as you grow your brand, product sales and opportunities.

As a full service agency we can create and implement your Chinese point of sale strategy along with your Chinese digital and social media activities, advertising, brand activation and trade shows. Our service capabilities streamline your marketing activities providing you with cost savings and increased efficiency.

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