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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising permeates almost every facet of everyday digital life. From search engine advertising to social media, display advertising to remarketing across those media. Despite the ubiquity of advertising in the digital landscape it can provide a cost effective way of generating leads as well as reengaging with your past visitors and customers. Reach your customers, and potential customers, to drive brand awareness and website traffic from around the web.

In a digital world opening your product to a global audience the importance of ensuring your message is tailored to a targeted audience is crucial reduce advertising wastage and deliver optimum return on investment. We bring you the digital advertising expertise to design, implement and manage your campaigns that deliver results.

Key areas


Social media

Communicate your message using social media advertising channels


Search engine

Paid search advertising on the world’s major search engines



Target your advertising to visitors of your website and boost advertising ROI

The benefits of
Digital Marketing

Communicating the right message to the right audience as they engage on the internet across social media, search engines, video and music channels is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. We provide a complete digital advertising strategy and implementation service to bring the greatest returns to your digital advertising budget.

Key services

Some of our digital advertising services

Display banner advertising

Across display banner networks or individual website advertising assets we design advertising and ensure placement to target your audience

Social media

Advertising and promotions across social media networks including Chinese social media to engage with your target markets

Search engine marketing

Paid search engine advertising and pay per click search results including foreign language and Chinese search engines

Video advertising

Video pre-roll advertising, pay per click, and streaming network advertising on channels around the world

The benefits of

a full service agency

Tower Brands provides a full range of digital advertising and marketing services to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Designing strategic digital advertising campaigns, media placement, and the digital advertising assets, we cater to a wide range of budgets and industries.

As a full service marketing agency we ensure digital advertising works in conjunction with your complete marketing plan and brand activities to create digital campaigns that deliver the greatest results and strong returns on investment.

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