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Social media is a constantly moving, constantly evolving communications ecosystem. It’s a widely adopted social tool that runs much wider and deeper than just Facebook and Twitter.

Who your target audience is and where they are interacting lies at the heart of reaching them, but so does understanding how to engage with them.

Tower Brands has extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients across differing industries and engaging with their unique audiences.

Key areas



Identifying the purpose, the audience and the message for your social media marketing to improve returns


your audience

Connect with your audience with social media content that resonates and reflects your followers interests



Take your message to new users and build followers and brand recognition on the social media scene

The benefits of
Strategic Social Media Marketing

In the realm of social media, opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. There is no opportunity to pause and create a response strategy after the event has already occurred. Savvy businesses are prepared for when these opportunities eventuate. This preparation begins with a social media strategy and real time response plan.

By using social media as a component in your marketing plan, you can increase the return on your marketing investment for both social media and your other marketing elements.

Key services

Some of our social media services

Social media monitoring

By ensuring responses occur within a reasonable time frame, your fan relationships will strengthen and improve your brand image overall. Social Media Monitoring can ensure that action is required in a time and cost effective manner.

Employee social media policies

With a strong understandable social media policy, those tasked with engaging in social media can be empowered to act, increasing the effectiveness of your social media presence, and relieving management’s direct involvement instead allowing for focus on strategic business objectives.

Chinese social media

Connect with the world’s fastest growing group of consumers using platforms popular in China on WeChat, Weibo and video sharing platforms to take your message to new users in new markets.

The benefits of

a full service agency

Reaching and speaking directly to your customers and fans via social media can build loyalty and boost sales of your products in markets from Australia to China.

The social media landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. We stay at the front of change and innovation in social media to provide you with the strategy and tools to take your message to your audience in new and effective ways.

Our social media marketing services for exporters give you the resources to build an audience in new markets on platforms like WeChat and Weibo in China, or in Thai, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian languages.

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