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Marketing Australian exports

As Australia enters into free trade agreements with more key trading partners in the Asian region and the demand for Australian products and services continues to grow, exports are highly sought after.

Tower Brands provides a full range of marketing services for Australian exporters.

Including market research and market entry strategies, we can also provide you with complete branding and marketing services.

From foreign language brochures to complete trade show management, e-commerce development and social media management, our in house export marketers can give your business the edge.

Take advantage of Australia’s competitive position in the region to take your business to more customers in growing markets.

Develop your new market opportunities around the world with our international marketing and branding services.

With considerable financial assistance and resources available from government agencies and independent organisations such as the Export Market Development Grant, we can work with you to access and leverage these tools to your exporting advantage.

We work with a wide range of Australian and international exporters to develop markets across Asia and around the world.

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Marketing across Asia

The full service difference

Australian exporters are in a prime position, both geographically and competitively, to develop export markets. With several economically important free trade agreements in place and growing demand for Australian goods and services, never has there been a better time to explore new markets.

Tower Brands specialises in development of brands for internationalisation and the localisation of marketing campaigns. From trade shows to ecommerce, point of sale and advertising, we have the experience working across a wide range of export industries in global markets.

We can work with you no matter what stage of your export journey you are at. Our export marketing team can provide you with the strategies and tools you need to successfully enter new markets and growing export markets such as China, Indonesia and Thailand.

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