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Working with local and international brands, we create brands and brand assets across the spectrum of business types and industries for the domestic and export markets. Our Sydney based brand agency provides complete branding services. Our regional presence gives you the local knowledge, cultural and language skills to develop a global brand. Take your brand further with our approach that considers your business objectives and creates strategies, campaigns and tools to help reach your brand goals.

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From fast-moving consumer goods to professional services, fresh food to financial products, our experience covers diverse products, industries and global markets. Through our results focused approach we develop strategy, brand identity and product packaging, customer loyalty programmes and brand activation campaigns to deliver results.

Across Asia including China, South Korea, Thailand and beyond we work with local and international brands to develop localised branding and marketing campaigns to effectively reach and engage with consumers in those markets. Take your brand further with our local and global branding services.

Key services

Some of our branding services

Brand Development

Utilise WeChat, Weibo, Youku and others to grow your brand in China and communicate directly with your audience with our Chinese social media management services.

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Brand Activation

Our experience team of in house web developers can create websites and eCommerce platforms to drive engagement and sales including multi-lingual sites.

Brand activation+


Brand Management

increase your retail presence with effective point of sale marketing campaigns, displays and brand activations to help drive sales and promote your products.

Brand management +


Naming and Logo Design

Create a recognisable and memorable name and logo for your business that reflects your brand identity and product positioning


Reputation Management

Maintain your brand’s public image with our reputation management strategies and crisis management public relations services


Product Packaging

Showcase your products and influence your customers’ purchase intent at the point of sale with compelling product packaging


Branded Events

Create and execute unique branded events to engage with your customers, increase awareness and boost customer loyalty


Export Branding

Take your brand to new markets with localised branding and market specific brand campaigns tailored to each of your export markets


Corporate Identity

Develop brand assets, campaigns and communications which promote your brand and reflect your corporate culture and message

Our Difference

Utlising our experience, skills and knowledge in the area of branding in a range of markets and countries, we create and develop strategies as well as brand assets for your brand no matter what stage it is.

After assessing your brands requirements we can design a plan that employs techniques and tools that are tailored to your specific corporate branding needs and designed to achieve results.

From your product to the purchase process, each engagement with your brand that your customers have matters, forming the experience that shapes your brand. Tower Brands can work with you to create a successful branding and marketing strategies to build a powerful and highly valued brand.

We take you beyond planning to create the branding assets, corporate identity and marketing tools your need to succeed.

Our branding services encompass the full spectrum of brand design and development from logo design, product packaging, point of sale displays and brand collateral to market research and loyalty programmes.

Contact us today to start the next stage of your brand’s journey in Australia or around the world.

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