Create and implement a successful Chinese marketing strategy

China is an attractive market for many foreign brands given that China is the world’s most populous nation and the second largest economy after the United States of America. China, like any foreign market is a different landscape for marketing your brand or product and the size and diversity of China’s population amplifies these differences. Marketing to China requires a well planned and executed strategy.

Tower Brands is experienced in marketing to, from and within China and have the resources to plan and implement brand strategies and marketing campaigns to expand your international markets.

Our team includes a dedicated China focused area which includes professional translators, Chinese social media managers and trade show and event managers.

Leverage our experience in a wide range of B2B and consumer industries to give your Chinese marketing activities a boost with our professionally crafted strategies and on-point implementation in digital and physical marketing campaigns.

Contact us to learn more how we can help you to grow your business in the world most populous market.

Marketing to China

The Chinese market offers huge potential for foreign brands looking to expand to a fast growing consumer base. Taking the first step on an journey into China requires an understanding of your target market and what it takes to reach those consumers.

Tower Brands is your full service marketing partner to help plan and execute a China marketing strategy.

Our team and service offering give you the knowledge and skills to launch and develop your product in China.

We can be with you from the beginning to help guide you through the initial planing stages including market research and testing through to pre and post launch marketing activities, identifying opportunities and improving your return on investment.

Chinese marketing services

Market Research

Before embarking on an expansion into the Chinese market we can explore the feasibility.

Chinese Promotion

Utilise the many and varied promotional channels available in China.

Chinese Branding

We can help brand for China including naming, logo and market position.

Chinese Marketing Strategy

Create a comprehensive plan to expand your reach in the China Market

Trade Show Management

Put your products on display where people are looking to buy.

Public Relations

Press coverage, celebrity endorsement arrangements and strategic communications.

Marketing Services

Marketing to Chinese Consumers

We help in identifying, planning and implementing the right strategy to market your products to Chinese retail consumers and manage the relationship that you have with your customers.

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing

The Chinese tourism sector is a booming industry across China. Attracting visitors and creating loyal customers and brand value is a cornerstone for sustained business growth.

Business to Business Marketing

Our China marketing team can provide the services you need in order to promote your business and products to business consumers including sales materials, trade show management and advertising.

Marketing Food & Beverage

As household incomes rise the volume and variety of food and beverage purchases increases. Food safety and value are key drivers in the purchasing decision process.

Luxury Marketing

As the spending power of the Chinese economy increases, there is growing consumer demand for high quality products including luxury items, from clothing to food products, particularly imported products.

Natural & Organic Products

Increasingly, Chinese consumers are looking for environmentally conscious or organic products to use in their lives from food and clothing to cosmetics.

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