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Around the world, migration continues to shape economies and presents new opportunities to brands looking to increase their share of growing market segments. Within Sydney Australia approximately 5% of the population were born in China and 2% in Vietnam. In the United States more than 17% of the population are Hispanic and around 40 million people speak Spanish at home. Our multicultural marketing and ethnic communications give you the resources to take your brand and message further to more people in languages other than English.

Our services include creating marketing campaigns to reach domestic markets with relevant product information and in languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hindi and Korean, and using media channels and social media to reach your target audience.

We also provide marketing in languages other than English that go beyond borders to reach international markets for your brand. For industries such as tourism and education we create and implement marketing campaigns to speak directly to your international target markets.

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Multicultural marketing & ethnic communications

Australia has a rich history of multiculturalism and the mix of ethnicities and cultures continues to shift and evolve. Tower Brands creates strategies and marketing campaigns to target these unique elements of the community, promoting products and services using media and languages best suited to reach your audience.

Ethnic communications and multicultural marketing provides new opportunities to brands looking to segment and target customers using alternate channels. We can create marketing and communications campaigns in English and other languages common in Australia such as Chinese, Hindi and Vietnamese.

By identifying the needs of different groups within the community and creating a tailored marketing approach to those segments, you can improve the return on investment.

Our team work with you to create multi channel strategies and promotional tools to reach your culturally diverse audience.

Multi channel communications

Broadcast media

We create television and radio commercials in your audience’s language as well as program sponsorships.

Print media

We design and place advertising for ethnic newspapers and magazines in your target market’s language.

Digital media

From webpages to PPC advertising and WeChat, we create and implement targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Event sponsorship

Cultural events and festivals can be utilised to increase brand exposure with strategic brand activation.

Cultural Specialties

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